Need for up-to-date books and material in the UNZA Main Library

Need for up-to-date books and material in the UNZA Main Library »

27 Mar, 2013
Focus Point

The purpose of university libraries is to support teaching, learning, and research in ways consistent with, and supportive of, the institution's mission and goals. In addition, library resources and services should be sufficient in quality, depth, diversity, and currency to support the institution's curriculum. To say the least university libraries are considered as the most important resource centre of an academic institution. They are perceived as a good measure of an institution's excellence and quality.

Lets talk about it! »

9 Oct, 2012
Focus Point

The use of demonstrations as a way of expressing grievances at higher institutions of learning is more than a growing phenomenon. When it comes to the expression of grievances by the University of Zambia (UNZA) students the use of demonstrations cannot be overemphasized. This is to say demonstrations are the order of the day whenever there is a misunderstanding between management and students.

UNZA Alumni: Where art thou?

UNZA Alumni: Where art thou? »

24 Sep, 2012
Focus Point

WHAT happens when University of Zambia (UNZA) students graduate? Is UNZA just to be used as a stepping-stone and forgotten about? Where are the Alumni? The conditions at UNZA are now worse than what most of the Alumni found and yet they still remain silent. UNZA cannot improve without a collective effort. Many students have graduated from the institution since 1969 but how many, really, have taken the time to contribute anything to the improvement of UNZA?