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Have you ever thought about the ins and outs of being famous? What its like to not just walk the streets but have people screaming your name in excitement and asking for your photograph? Just ask Mulaza Kaira, better known as Macky 2. It’s no secret that the recording artist can barely appear in town without attracting excitement from fans.

The feeling is awesome and understandably, the majority of young stars in the art industry want to be famous. Others even chose to be journalists because they believe it will make them famous. They want their names to be known, their faces recognized and their work appreciated.

When you become famous, being famous becomes your profession,

James Carville on fame.

However, attractive as fame may be, it doesn’t always meet expectations. Being famous goes beyond getting the numbers on social media or the cheering you get when you walk into a supermarket or as you drive through the streets.

The idea of being famous is a lot better than the reality,

Tom Felton puts it aptly.

Tom Felton’s statement is something that can make you think twice about fame. Once you become famous, people begin to look up to you, you become a role model, an inspiration and a public figure.

Your life and day to day activities are suddenly people’s business. They want to know what you are up to, what you said, what you wore , where you stay and all sorts of crazy details!

And this usually creates the struggle; you not only live for yourself, but for everyone who follows you.

Among the many challenges of living in the public eye is what Macky 2 terms “the challenge to influence”. He explains that as a person that people look up to, he is challenged to make the right decisions because of the huge influence you have.

“One of the reasons why I am always careful with the type of content I put in my music these days is that I have realized a lot of people look up to me. I need to be responsible,” Macky 2 said.      

Because everyone is going to be on your nose, waiting for something to happen, another challenge is the lack of privacy. Though it is one of the things that you sign for before you consider going into the industry, people tend to dig too much about you. This can be uncomfortable and challenging for many.

Simon Mwewa, one of Zambia’s Social media commentators said misinformation is another challenge that comes with fame. Simple misinformation can tarnish your image and what you stand for. Certain people are always waiting for a simple mistake so they can ruin your reputation. The sad reality is that no matter how much you try to clear your name, certain individuals are still going to label you.

Other than looking at the benefits only, you might want to look at the challenges that fame is going to come with. Make sure to learn from how others have handled fame. Understanding what being a public person requires is key.

Despite the challenges that come with being famous, be that one person who will put smiles on people’s faces. Make good headlines, be a good role model because the young look up to you.

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