Amid COVID-19, it seemed like the entertainment industry was on stop due to health guidelines put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

Observing social distance meant that artists were restricted and not allowed to host events as well as reschedule their studio time or cancel studio time completely to observe the guideline.

However, the month of July summed up differently as Zambia’s top artists shared their latest music and videos on various social media platforms such as YouTube.

July saw the release of a dunka dunka sound and a well collaborated video by legendary self proclaimed king, king Rizzo also known as slap Dee who joined forces with South African kwaito hit maker Busiswa on a song dubbed “Savuka”.

The song showcases South Africa’s kwaito hit maker sing some parts of the song in a Zambian local language.

On the other hand, Macky 2 and pompi shared their latest song dubbed ‘Early Riser’ (waulesi asadye).

Early Riser Macky 2 ft pompi

The song talks about hard work and prayer and echoes that the two should be directly proportional.

Interestingly, the two video releases Savuka and Early Riser were both produced by Magg 44 and Solomon plate.

Meanwhile, the king of dancehall T-Sean teamed up with Essii the song bird on an emotional track called ‘I still love you’ .

The song illustrates a guy that is apologetic to his ex-girlfriend and explains how much he still loves her.

As the month of August progresses the agony continues, the answer remains unclear whether we will have more songs and video releases.