Soccer analysts have welcomed the signing of a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Xtra-Miles Academy of Miles Sampa and Christopher Katongo Academy in order to develop football skills among youths in Lusaka.

In an interview with the Lusaka Star, soccer analyst, Lubinda Nguleka explained that the MOU between the two is a step in the right direction because it will help in identifying and mentoring young talent so that they can be exposed to the outside world.

He said there is so much talent in terms of football among the youths in Lusaka, however, the challenge has always been lack of exposure and talent nurturing .

Mr. Nguleka noted that a number of MOU’s have been signed by different academies but they hardly meet their expectations.

I am looking forward to seeing how different this MOU is going to be done from the previous ones, this is because many MOU’s do not yield any exposure for young talent,

he said.

Meanwhile, another soccer analyst , Puncherello Chama said it is a good agreement because the people involved understand and support local business, and activities such as sports.

I know Sampa will help in team mobilisation and provision of team facilities while Katongo will use his influence in football to link young players internationally,

said Chama.

On 9th September, 2020, the Xtra-Miles and Christopher Katongo Academy signed a 2-year MOU to develop soccer skills from a young age and have them exported to Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Arsenal football clubs.