Sports Minister Moses Mawere says the Zambian government has stepped up its efforts in ensuring no woman is left behind in sports development.

According to mission press secretary Zambia high commission in Gaborone Kasabo Kalusa, Mr Mawere said government is exploring various avenues to ensure increased participation of women in numerous discipline of sport.

Speaking when he attended the 7th International Working Group (IWG) conference  for women and sports in Gaborone, Mr. Mawere said the participation of women in sport had become an important platform which could be utilized in empowering women and facilitating increased gender parity.

He added that women are the backbone in society and the Zambian government would continue placing high premium and abilities in sport.

Mr. kalusa reported that the minister further explained that his ministry would continue to engage stakeholders in the promotion of sport development with women taking an active role.

The Minister said government was elated with the increased progress that had been recorded in ensuring participation of women in sport and overall decision making.

IWG world conference on women and sport are held every four years and focuses on global attention on specific goal and action steps aimed at offering men and women equal opportunities in the sport arena.

Zambia was represented at the conference by a 42 women delegations drawn from the public and private sectors. The conference attracted participation from over 40 countries worldwide.