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Utilize confiscated drugs for research- Governance Activist

Governance activists are calling on the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to consider utilizing seized substances for research purposes instead of destroying them. 

The activists argued that the destruction of drugs, such as cannabis, by DEC is a missed opportunity, as these substances can be used for medicinal or research purposes.

Wesley Miyanda, a prominent governance activist, criticized the decision to destroy cannabis, stating that the recently enacted Cannabis Act of 2021 allows for these drugs to be utilized for beneficial purposes. 

Mr Miyanda highlighted that the Act includes stringent measures for growing and acquiring trading licenses, which hinder Zambians from participating in the legal cannabis trade.

He pointed out the high annual fee of $250,000 that farmers or companies are required to pay, making it unaffordable for the average Zambian or company seeking to engage in legal cannabis production.

He urged the government, through the DEC, to preserve the confiscated cannabis for the country’s economic development and medicinal use instead of destroying it.

Dr. Andrew Ngoma, another governance activist, emphasized the need for the Zambian government to learn from other countries and develop a policy that allows seized items, including drugs, to be used for research purposes rather than being destroyed.

“Zambia does not have a policy that allows items that have been seized from crime to be used,” said Dr. Ngoma, 

Despite the enactment of the Cannabis Act 2021, which outlines the requirements for applying for a medicinal cannabis license, the Zambian legislation committee has not approved the use of seized cannabis for medical research.

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