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                             FEED A CHILD-ZAMBIA

The 2018 world global index ranked Zambia as the fifth hungriest country in the world, it is for this reason that a group of youths decided to embark on a campaign to feed children in Lusaka.

As a starting point, the campaign dubbed feed a child, aimed at feeding at least 100 vulnerable children from Misisi compound in Lusaka ended up feeding over 450 on the first day of their campaign.

On August 30, the children of EL-ROI Maranatha community school were over joyed when the feed a child team visited them to share the little food that they could- this could be seen through the never ending smiles they had on their faces the whole time the team interacted with them.

Matamola Likwanya the project coordinator explained that the team wanted to demonstrate that the people of Zambia can feed themselves and eventually be removed from being in the top 5 of the world’s hungriest countries.

“If Zambia is to be poverty free, the citizens must learn to share the little they have with those who have nothing at all, this initiative teaches us that as a country we are capable of solving our own problems,” he said.

Asked if everything has been running smoothly from the inception of the programme, Mr.  Likwanya said everything has not been smooth as some people thought it was nothing but a dream that can never be realized.

“The first time we started campaigning about the feed a child, I sent messages to all friends on Facebook and our strategy was that every person donates a one kwacha coin because we assumed if 10,000 people donated then we would have k10,000” Mr. Likwanya  explained.

He further said while some of the people he sent the messages to, are his childhood friends, they did not take him seriously and others did not trust him simply because they have come across fake organizations that swindle people money.

“Despite all this, we continued to promote the programme though very few people seemed interested and with five days to go, we had only managed to raise a k500 but what budget were we going to make to feed a 100 children plus to carter for the teams logistics” a seemingly puzzled Mr. Likwanya asked.

He added that they never lost hope and with only one day left to the event, people donated whole heartedly and even on the actual day people donated all they could and instead of the targeted 150, the feed a child team fed about 500 children.

And pastor Kalunga EL-ROI Maranatha community School coordinator was lost for words by the gesture the youths showed to the children.

“I am very grateful for what you have done for these children, putting a smile on their faces by feeding them, continue doing the same for many others and may God richly bless you,” Pastor Kalunga said.

Feed a child is an organization run by Zambian youths, students and well-wishers for the wellbeing of a vulnerable child as they believe that the growing shrubs are tomorrow’s bushes. The team even pledged to build a wall fence for the school.

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