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The wood kitchen to debut on ZNBC

In the past the ultimate food influencers were parents. They were a major source of great recipes that made our food experience something to always look forward to. However, this is no longer the case as most people are now rushing to online sources to inquire about how to prepare different kinds of cuisines

We find ourselves not only depending on grandma or grandpa for those mouth watering cuisines but on the many food shows that are being presented to us online. All manner of food is prepared by different chefs online; some amateur and some professional. We are watching videos of them preparing food in real time and also we are reading different food blogs with inspirational recipes.

In Zambia, the Wood Kitchen an online show has become a spectacular hit and go to for awesome recipes. The show is hosted by media personality Luyando Haangala Wood and her husband William. The show is aired on Luyando’s Facebook page which has a following of over 200,000

At the start of COVID-19, things were not making sense financially for my family so my husband and I thought we could share our cooking passion to the world while we are home all day, hence, we started the Wood Kitchen online. The business model of the show is for different brands to use our platform and content to advertise their products,

she said.

Luyando said that the Wood Kitchen has remained relevant by creating innovative content and maintaining mutual relationships with the manufacturers of the products used on the online platform.

She further said that she is looking forward to the Wood kitchen having its own cooking studio as they have partnered with different people to make a variety of dishes on the show.

We are also really excited about our On the Rhode show which is coming soon on ZNBC, and I think you are going to see parts of Zambia most people have never seen, and understand where our food comes from,

she added.

Luyando said that her family’s food show earning a slot on the national broadcaster goes to show that dreams are valid, and as long as one puts their work and mind to it, anything is possible.

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