Consolidated Gold Company Limited has invested USD $3 million in the procurement of 10 gold crushers for the Rufunsa Gold Processing Plant that is scheduled to be open in the first week of April 2020.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka, company chief executive officer Faisal Keer said the purchasing of the gold mining equipment would enable the plant to process 30 tonnes of gold ore per day.

He said the company targets to produce 300 grams of gold per day that translates into 7.5 kilograms per month.

Once we have received the mineral processing license which is in the pipeline and likely will be out by the end of this month-end, we will proceed to set up a leaching plant in Rufunsa

he said.

Keer explained that once the VAT leaching process line is added, the total target would be 25 kilograms per month.

He said his company was also helping licensed small scale gold miners in the area with mining technical expertise in developing their mines and also providing access to earthmoving machines to increase gold ore production.

Keer said this is aimed at transferring technical skills to the small scale gold miners who were dealing in lode gold or quartz vein gold mining.

Our next phase will be to set up the same model in Mumbwa as well and this will start in the next couple of months

he said.

He added that he was hopeful that the activities will help bring artisanal and small scale gold miners to the mainstream gold industry.