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Street Chic Fashion: Natural is beautiful!

Embrace the “kink” in your hair What is beauty? What is true African beauty? Does it lie in the curves of a woman? Does it lie in her ebony, chocolate or caramel smooth skin? What is beauty?
Many say that a woman’s beauty lies more in her hair than in anything else. Some say a woman’s hair is one of the few things a man actually pays attention to. I don’t know how true that is, but i know for sure that if it doesn’t look good he’ll definitely say something about it, no matter how inattentive he seems to be.
It seems that very few women these days want to embrace their natural kinky hair. It’s in essence what makes us African. An African’s kinky hair brought about the afro. It distinguishes us from the Caucasians who have straight flat hair as opposed to the volumes of curly African hair.
Our African heritage, it seems, is wiped away a little every time an African relaxes their hair; giving up the kink in their hair for straight hair with a claim that a perm is ‘easier to maintain.’
What is it about the natural curly kink that makes us want to give it up. As an African who is tired of the chemicals burning my scalp I have to say that I now appreciate my kinky hair. It’s one of the few things, apart from the colour of my skin, that sets me apart from the other races of the world.
Think about it. Caucasians and Mongoloids have naturally straight hair. Negroids have kinky hair, which scientists say is because our keratin levels are lower than that of the other races but I beg to differ; 'it’s because we’re blessed'.
Think about it, out of all races Negroids are the most unique in their genetic makeup. They have been blessed with a land full of natural resources too, but let me not digress too much into that topic.
Natural beauty, to most, speaks volumes. Why most women like to cover up this beauty in layers of makeup is something I am yet to understand. Sure every girl likes to look pretty and every now and then will do what she can to enhance her natural beauty but some people take this to extremes.
Of course there’s nothing wrong with trying out new things but people should learn to appreciate their roots. Kinky hair is not a curse. It’s a blessing: something that sets you apart from the rest of the world. In many ways it is one of the few things that we can say is uniquely African.

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