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Don’t just say it: Wear it!

Whether its clothes made of condoms, chocolate or garbage bags, advocacy through fashion has been and is still a sweeping craze across the globe Weird as they are, these outfits are more than just clothes. They are the brainchild of creative minds. They are voices. Put another way, these clothes are a form of advocacy.

Using clothes for advocacy has been a longstanding trend, with examples of peace symbol covered clothes from the 1970s to these seemingly outrageous designs.

If you have something to say don't just say it by word of mouth…WEAR IT!! That way your message gets out before you say a word.

It only takes 3 seconds for you to make an impression and the first thing people see when they walk or look your direction are your clothes.  So if the clothes make a statement, people are bound to pay attention.

Making a statement isn't limited to wearing clothes of crazy colours. As the age old adage goes 'Each to his own'. So if you aren't comfortable wearing 'loud' clothes then don't. Make sure your clothes work for you.

Advocacy has evolved from merely storming streets with placards to LITERALLY wearing your statement or cause on your sleeve. So why not keep up with the times?

Condom dresses advocate for safe sex, chocolate outfits appeal to people who have a sweet tooth and garbage dresses and toilet paper dresses call on people to go 'green'. So all you have to do is find your 'poison'.

Find a way to express yourself with clothes that are unique to you. Embrace the times but still find a way to stay true to what you believe in.
Do more than talk about it. WEAR IT!

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