Zambia Squash Association (ZSA) has attributed the halting of its 2021 plans to lack of funds.

Speaking in an interview with Lusaka Star, ZSA General Secretary Chomba Mwansa said the current COVID-19 period has made it difficult for both the government and private organizations to find financial aid and have its courts re-vamped.

That project did not take off due to lack of sponsorship and the [pandemic] also restricted our movements, hence all activities were suspended,

Mr. Mwansa.

He said the target amount to renovate the dilapidated courts was k200,000 and hopes that various stakeholders would come on board.

And Mr. Mwansa also disclosed that currently, the country has over 22 squash courts but only three have been struggling to continue with sporting activities as the rest are inactive due to the on-going pandemic.

Meanwhile, ZSA coach and player Enos Mwale also noted the lack of support from the government as the major setback.

Since last year, we have been facing challenges like sponsorship and lack of tournaments on both sides…due to this same issue of COVID-19,

Mr. Mwale.

Mr. Mwale has since called on the government and private investors to support the game during these trying times.