Nostalgia is always linked to the past, be it comic books, vinyl records, video games, movies, they are all triggers of it.

It brings memories of the old days, music, culture, tradition, food and systems among others, bringing people together socially to reminisce on history.

Duncan Sodala founder of The Time Machine Zambia

Duncan Sodala, popularly known as ‘The Holstar’ has made it possible to relive moments through his store ‘The Time Machine Zambia,‘ which has been in existence for the last four years.

Duncan said that he always had plans to start The Time Machine Zambia because he is passionate about music, books, and vintage items.

I came to a point in my life where I was driven to open a business around my passion because I knew I could always fall back on it, said Duncan.

Duncan said that The Time Machine Zambia aims to reintroduce the youth to vintage by promoting the items as well as providing a sense of nostalgia to the older generation.

The Time Machine Zambia honestly aims to make people happy, he said.

He further explained how the preservation of vintage items is not an easy job.

Duncan added that the COVID-19 pandemic to the business, only run by him, brought about various challenges for The Time Machine Zambia.

He said, however, that Zambians are slowly developing an interest in vintage items, especially among the youth which will eventually cause a greater demand for the items.

Meanwhile, comic book expert and vintage enthusiast Muhongo Chenda explained that vintage items always have a story and a history to be shared with others.

The historical impact of vintage pieces and how revolutionary they were during their time, as well as the stories that come with them, are pleasurable things to share with the younger generation, Muhongo said.

With a nostalgic store like this in existence, one can only hope to see more of them in the future.

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