The University of Zambia Students Union Sports and Recreation Council says all sporting activities at the university are on holt as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Stating in a statement addressed to the student Populous, Sports and Recreation Council Secretary General, Josephine Mukumba says all training sessions and games of any nature are prohibited from taking place as the university has no clearance for it to resume sporting activities.

UNZA BOLA player jumps in the air for the ball

Mukumba says anyone wishing to organize a sports event on campus must first visit the university sports council or the sports office to be advised on the way forward.

She has further urged all athletes and students that occasionally participate in sports to wait for guidance before engaging into any sports activities or will risk facing serious consequences for not abiding to the laid down rules.

Meanwhile, UNZA women’s footballer Agnes Banda says the cancellation of sports activities is a sad development because sports offered a good get away from academic stress for many athletes like herself.  

I feel they should have just found a way to make sports continue. Like the way we have resumed physical classes they should have also found a way to adjust sports regulations in light of the new normal and the laid down health guidelines,

said Banda.

She has however welcomed the move to cancel sporting events and activities citing the fact that only final year students are on campus which wouldn’t be enough to form competitive squads to represent the university in tournaments.

Banda also regrets that the break in sporting action might rob athletes of form and may lead others to gain weight.

She also pointed out that the break is a huge setback for those who would like to take up professional sports careers in future.  

Banda has since advised her fellow athletes to continue training regardless of the situation because nobody knows when normal training will resume.