The University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) has advised students to be on high alert in view of the rising theft cases on campus.

The union further urged the university populace to promptly report any suspicious looking persons to security especially now that there are only final year students at the institution.

In the recent past, a number of University of Zambia students have lost various items as a result of theft.

UNZASU Minister of Information, Research and Employment, James Kazembe, told the Lusaka Star that students should always carry their identity cards so that the security personnel can easily know who is supposed to be found within the institution premises.

“We are also trying to talk to management so that they increase man power as far as security guards are concerned,” Mr. Kazembe said.

Meanwhile, UNZASU Minister of Local Governments, James Mwansa, assured the student populace that the union is working hard to help reduce cases of theft on campus.

Mr. Mwansa disclosed that a number of measures have been put in place to reduce theft cases.

Some of the measures include the formation of the student crime protection unit which is working hand in hand with UNZA security.

He said UNZA security is currently lacking man power.

“We have also ensured that most of the small gates which can be porous for thieves to use are closed,” Mr. Mwansa added.

He further explained that security officers, in conjunction with the student crime protection unit, take patrols to help protect residents at the institution.