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Revised curriculum harmonizes with industry demands – Kamoko

Government is confident that the revised Zambian curriculum harmonizes with the industry demands of the 21st century including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) biases, Minister of Education Permanent Secretary Joel Kamoko has said.

Mr Kamoko said the wolrd has adjusted hence the need for African countries to compete with the rest of the world by imparting the right education and the right skills.

He said the revised curriculum to be implemented next year places emphasis on Science and Technology fields while advocating for proficiency in ICT coding and AI.

He said by embracing these technologies students are better positioned to navigate the complexities of the modern workforce and seize opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship

He said this in an interview shortly after the African Union(AU) public model Summit Lecture attended by various ambassadors, students and delegates at the University of Zambia(UNZA) on Thursday last week.

“We are part of the African agenda [to ensure that our students] get the right education therefore the student populace must realize that we no longer acquire skills that are outdated and hope to compete globally,” he said.

“My encouragement to all of us if we want to be part of that successful AU is that lets us acquire the right competences,degree of knowledge and skills.”

Mr Kamoko challenged the students to harness education to make a positive change in society and encouraged all to embrace AI as a tool for advancement rather than a threat to employment.

The Permanent Secretary also said by providing a diverse range of updated educational pathways, students will be prepared for both white-collar jobs and menial works

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