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LCC to pounce on noisy bars, night clubs

Lusaka City Council(LCC) will not hesitate to take legal action against bars and night clubs that will play music exceeding normal limits.

LCC Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba said the local authority will not let citizens continue being subjected to noise emitted from bars as it does not only disrupt a peaceful aura but poses a health hazard.

“The complaints are coming from concerned citizens who feel the noise pollution is affecting them negatively resulting in a disruption of peace and tranquility and also posing serious risks to public health, including hearing impairment, stress, sleep disturbances, and other related health issues,” she said in a statement.

Ms Mwamba said the local authority wants everyone to be mindful of their noise especially during working hours.

She urged bar owners to take proactive measures to minimize unnecessary noise emissions as stipulated in Statutory Instrument No. 64 of 2012.

“The Liquor Licensing Permitted Hours Regulations, 2012 states clearly that Bars permitted operationg hours are from 10:00 to 22:00hrs and 10:00 to 24;00 for night clubs/ Social Club Liquor,” Ms Mwamba said

She also urged residents, businesses, and institutions operating under their (LCC) jurisdiction to adhere to existing regulations and guidelines on noise control.

Ms Mwamba said the local authority will intensify inspections and enforcement actions to achieve peaceful and healthy communities.

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