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Reduction in student loans recipients irks UNZASU

University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) says the 2, 000 student loans allocated to UNZA by the Higher Education Loans and Scholarship Board (HELSB) for the next academic year is a small number that goes against government’s policy of increasing access to higher education.

In a statement last week, HELSB invited suitably qualified Zambians that meet the board’s minimum requirements to apply for 2000 GRZ student loans for the 2022/2023 academic year at UNZA.

HELSB Corporate Communications Officer Chiselwa Kawanda said budgetary constraints have forced the board to reduce the number of student loans recipients.

Over 5000 first year students at UNZA were earlier this year awarded students by government.

In an interview with Lusaka Star, UNZASU President Elias Banda said that the 2, 000 student loans advertised by (HELSB) is small , unreasonable and retrogressive.

“The board is not moving at the same pace with the vision of the new dawn administration which is to increase access to higher education. We call on government to reform the loans board,” Banda said.

The UNZASU president has since urged individuals that meet the minimum requirements for the student loans to apply as his Union will lobby government to increase the student loans allocation to UNZA.

” We therefore urge HELSB to withdraw their advert and engage with the Ministry of Education to look for more money because the goal is to give more student loans than last year,” Banda added.

Meanwhile, Ades Phiri, a first year UNZA student, said the reduction in the number of people that receive student loans will deny many people an opportunity to access higher education.

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