Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa has mobilized Lusaka City Council (LCC) Police for a weekly exercise called Operation Ubusaka which aims at ensuring cleanness in the city.

Speaking before the operation today, Mr. Sampa noted that LCC had a responsibility of preventing sickness in the city and that cleanness was a priority.

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa During the operation

He said the council had to render action by cleaning the city for three months rather than just taking reports to his office about the status of the city.

“I am asking LCC Police that in the next three months they shift their efforts towards Operation Ubusaka as we want our city to be clean to prevent cholera,”  he stated.

Mr. Sampa also expressed ingratitude of the garbage left unattended to at Lusaka City Market (LCM) adding that he had given LCC 5 hours to take care of the waste.

Mr. Sampa said it was inappropriate for people to be trading in a dirty environment especially that it was rainy season when water borne diseases such as cholera were difficult to prevent.

Meanwhile, LCC Assistant Public Relations Manager, Brenda Katongola assured marketers that the council will ensure effective garbage collection at the market.

She said the council was aware of the problem and was doing anything possible in ensuring that the problem of garbage collection was attended to.