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PR Girl Media to amplify partnership with govt agencies

The PR Girl Media say they will focus on amplifying their partnership with the Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts as a way of making their agency and the Lusaka July inclusive.

In an interview with Lusaka Star, PR girls said that this year, they are currently working on a 3-month campaign aimed at not only communicating the activities to take place at this years Lusaka July but also amplify their involvement in sports as well as cooperate involvement.

“The Lusaka July is a multi-facility event that does not only cover fashion, but also lifestyle, celebrity and sports,” PR girls said.

They added that last year, they officially landmarked the Lusaka July as a regional continental event and more reason for them to amplify their partnerships with the Tourism agency and the Ministry of youth, sports and arts as a way to market zambia for the benefit of all.

“With the PR Girl Media branching outside Zambia we are hoping that the trickledown effect of the event will get a lot of international travel and people purchasing and consuming Zambian Fashion,” PR girls said.

And being the events 8th edition this year, the PR agency said they wants to focus and highlight the growth of the event and its success by partnering with the Tourism agency.

“We believe it’s Zambia biggest fashion leading event and we want it to be Zambia’s leading sporting and networking event for cooperates as well, hence us amplifying our partnership with the ministry of youths, sports and arts as a way of it being an inclusive event,” PR girls said.

PR girls further stated that strengthening their partnership with the two ministries is aimed at amplifying that Lusaka July is for everyone and not just for fashionistas and celebrities.

“We are an all-encompassing brand, and we publicize all our work, try us out and explore the type of networking events that we have to better understand,” PR girls said.

They further explained that they plan to call upon a lot of strategic collaboration this year and use the Lusaka July as a beacon to promote what makes up Zambia beautiful.

“It’s not going to be easy following last year’s allegation and public uproar, but we believe we have really s good community that wants to see the Lusaka July thrive,” PR girls said.

Meanwhile, singer, Towera Kaira said that this year a lot is expected from the Lusaka July event including appearances from international socialists as well as where Fashion is concerned.

“I hope to see a lot of international stars grace the event and how people will dress in regards to the theme,” Kaira said.

This year’s event is slated for September 3rd, 2023
with the theme “A Purple Empire Of Royals.”

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