University of Zambia Student Union (UNZASU) Minister of Gender and Ethics Rosemary Mumba is the only female of the 15 Union executive members who were sworn in on the 28th of October, 2019.

The new UNZASU constitution is believed to have increased the number of positions designed to allow female participation in student governance by its proponents.

Since the launch of the UNZASU constitution, the Warran Hamusungu-led executive had three female members one more than the Adrian Matole executive, giving hope to more ladies as evidenced by the number of female candidates who contested in the 2019 UNZASU election.

Proponents of the new model of student governance, thought for once that their goal was achieved. To everyone’s surprise only one of the 13 female contestants pulled through.

Commenting on the just ended UNZASU Student Representative Council (SRC), Mumba said it is saddening to see the low numbers of female students in leadership positions at the University.

“I have a burning desire to impact positive change and it has always been my motivation. I also believe in myself and what I have to give. I want to make society better for the next generation, for the next woman and man, boy and girl,”

Said Mumba.

She added that growing up as a leader is what enabled her to take up the challenge even if she is surrounded by 14 males in the union.    

Being the only female student union leader, Mumba blossomed into the vibrant and radical activist we know now during her secondary school times when she served Chipembi Girls Secondary School as senior prefect, with her former intake mates describing her as the best and most fearless prefect of her time.

Her decision to stand as Minister of Gender and Ethics was not out of thrill but drive to make a difference, to be a role model and stand for her beliefs and goals.

when she went to the University of Zambia, she started running an organization called “I Survived” which looks in the plight of young girls who have suffered sexual abuse.

“My goal is to raise awareness of women’s leadership so as to ensure that women and girls understand that they can lead anywhere or take up any position given that they are competent for it,”

Said Mumba.

This is evident by the number of female students elected in the School Associations election; the University Of Zambia School Of Education Association (UNZASEDA) had two (2) female members among the 13 UNZASEDA executive.

Mumba also spoke of promoting capacity building through trainings, conferences and workshops to ensure that women are well prepared to take up leadership roles diligently.

For the UNZASU Minister of Gender and Ethics, she has a huge task ahead especially with regards to mentorship and gender promotion at the University. 

“I take this opportunity to encourage women (momas) to work together and support each other especially if the female is competent for the position they want to vie for,”

Said Mumba.

She has since challenged women to know their worth, understand their ability and live up to their full potential.

Mumba further added that women should take time to listen to females running for office especially in UNZASU and the country at large.

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