Music for the female folk in Zambia has been a hurdle, but for Towela Kaira, her first single to her name ‘Delay’ has proved different as evidenced by its massive radio play.

The hit single, which talks about love, features the kaira brothers Macky 2 and Chef 187.

The new songbird has redefined the music industry, especially for upcoming artist, by kickstarting the new decade with some good music.

And she disclosed that growing up, music has always had a way to get into her life.

“I remember always loving music as a kid and wondering how it had the ability to brighten my day,” she said. 

She explained that although being a part of different projects with artists such as Macky 2, Chef 187 and F Jay, to mention but a few, was an amazing experience and it’s about time to explore her talent.

“Honestly am just starting out, but am proud that am finally able to do my own music and record,” Towela Said.

She also said her aspiration in life is to leave a mark on this earth by doing something meaningful.

She added that she will strive for consistency in her industry by doing more music, more singles and more collaborations.

Last year, Towela featured on a track dubbed ‘Like a Blesser’ on the Bona Petit album by his brother Chef 187.

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