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Chile one is on the right track, music is about business – Towela

Musician Towela says the announcement by Chile one to release a song a day after renowned artist Yo Maps drops a song is a strategic and commendable move.

“If my project[song] gets more shinny because your project[song] is coming up I would do it as well,” she said when asked on Power TV’s Zaye Zahala show on whether the industry has some artists who use other people for clout.

With her three days old ‘Zingati’ music video trending on social media Towela reiterated that various artists have different ways of marketing themselves in the industry hence the move by Chile is nothing but a marketing strategy.

On Wednesday Yo Maps announced the release of his music video on 29th March,and in less than 12 hours,Chile one also took to his Facebook page announcing the release of his song on 30th March which stirred mixed reactions among some music enthusiasts.

Saili Phiri says the prospective release of a music video by Chile one a day after Yo Maps drops his song is unfair as he believes that the former is using the talent of the latter to gain clout.

Smart eagles page shared comment by Saili Phiri

Meanwhile Towela said the industry is vast and artists have their own fan base hence there is no need to fight or fear anyone.

“[It’s nobody’s Industry] it’s not my industry and it’s not your industry or your house,” she said.”In the industry you have your own core fans, they will come and they are ones who will make the numbers to reach to a million.”

And seasoned artist Macky 2 said a healthy competition in the industry brings about positive growth and development.

Musician Macky 2 shared on his Facebook page
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