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Lloyd a young promising music and video producer.

Chi double L to the O Y D explains his journey in the music and video industry. For many people it is difficult to identify and follow the path of their dreams. Well it is a different case for a promising music and video producer best known for the song ‘Pabondix’ Lloyd Chirwa.

In an interview with the Lusaka star, Lloyd a third year student at the University of Zambia said he started singing when he was still at secondary school.

Lloyd said he officially joined the music scene in 2009 when he became a member of the ‘Xample Yapa Zambia’ XYZ crew.

And when asked as to when he started working on videos, Lloyd said that he started video editing in January 2013 because he felt many video producers were failing to reflect the meaning of songs in videos or pictures”.

Lloyd who is working with Vibrant Media as video director explains that ever since he ventured into video production, he has worked with a number of established artists such as MC Wabwino, Slap Dee, Ruff Kid, Alpha Romeo, T- Sean, Yellow man, P jay to mention a few.

“I am currently working as video director at Vibrant Media record label and five of my video productions so far have been nominated for the upcoming Born and Bred awards unlike last year when only one was nominated” said Lloyd.

He further stated that he is too much into music such that he cannot sit without either editing a photo or write a punch line and he emphasized that he loves both music and mass communication as they are interrelated and that is the more reason he is able to balance the two.

“I urge all my fellow youths to realize and embrace their talents and at the same time to work hard at school” he said.

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