For what was easily one of the most anticipated female rappers in memory, Bombshell Grenade (Bwalya Chibesakunda) has broken through the musical barriers that have existed in the industry over the years in a male-dominated field.

Advocating for the girlchild, she took a bold stance in addressing one of the challenges society has faced since time immemorial and is now the brand ambassador for Urban Girl which is a company that sells reusable sanitary towels to Corporate Organizations, non-profit Organisations and individuals with a view of supplying low cost reusable sanitary pads.

The products aim is to provide a long-lasting solution of about 5 years to people that are less privileged and cannot afford to buy them from stores.

Bombshell struck a balance between her career as an established rapper and her role as a brand ambassador which is empowering to both men and women that doubt their capabilities.

It gives me so much delight knowing that I am helping people out there that are unable to buy the usual sanitary towels.

Bombshell said.

She further gave an insight into how the project has been advancing and the successes they have achieved so far.

 Since the reusable sanitary pads can be used for up to 5 years, it enables us reach out to kids and help a lot of people in rural areas that cannot afford the usual sanitary pads. This brings great success to us as a team.

Bombshell said.

Which brings us back to the ‘king of rap’ and the Bangers she brought in the year 2019 which not only kept people bumping to her tracks but set the bar higher for both local and international artists.

Backshot, which is one of the hit singles from 2019 was and still is one of the biggest songs on the Zambian music scene and left the listenership wanting and waiting for more from thee Grenade.

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