The University of Zambia Students Union-UNZASU Minister of Social and Cultural Mobilization Namusale Chilonda also known as Namu J has will be introducing a talent discovery project in modeling to nurture models on campus.

The project which is dubbed ‘beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself’ aims to attract students who are passionate about modeling at the institution.

Namu J disclosed that the platform arose due to the need to discover new talents not only in modeling but in designing as well as styling work married with a photography team of individuals.

UNZASU has interacted with external components for possible partnerships and different companies have come on board, UNZA modeling will help exposure and give opportunities to students especially those participating in the three going forward,

Namu J said.

He noted that students of both sexes have welcomed the initiative which is now called UNZA modeling with participants of different ages, colors, heights and shapes all joining the group.

The key of UNZA modeling is to show people that beauty comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and despite having these variations, students are free to join the group,

Namu J added.

One of the female models called Lydia Chisenga has applauded Namu J for coming up with UNZA modeling.

It’s a great opportunity not only to me but to other models to network, learn without paying and gives me time to be away from books in the two hours of training in two days of the week,

Lydia said.

UNZA modeling is one of the projects that has come to stay with future events being tailored to promote modeling, designing and styling works as well as showcasing talent.

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