Market traders at the main market in Kaunda Square are experiencing dwindling profits in their sales because of the market area which is usually flooded with sewer water  coming from an overflowing sewer tank.

Speaking in an interview with Lusaka Star, the market traders complained of the water containing fecal matter which had become the norm  at the market and was negatively affecting their business.

One market trader Pastor Martha Mwewa said the foul smell and bad hygiene was discouraging prospective customers from buying their goods.

“We are pleading with Lusaka water and sewerage company to solve this sewerage problem that we are experiencing because we are suffering here at the market. The conditions in which we are selling our goods are really not conducive. We survive on this business and we cannot afford to give it up,” she said.

Shop owners who conduct business around the market area also complained of the sewer water which had made the road to their shops impassible.

An on the  site check by the Lusaka Star found concerned parties trying to make drainages for the water to pass through so that it did not reach their shops. They also stated that this was a usual problem and yet nothing was being done about it.

Another affected business person, Edward Nyirongo said the conditions were disgusting and so people could not pass through the sewer water to get to his shop.

“I am trying to make a drainage for the sewer water because am afraid that people will not buy my products. I do not want to lose business because I sell a lot of food products,” he bemoaned.

“When people pass her and see the fecal matter near my shop, they will not even buy and so this is bad for business,” Mr Nyirongo added.

Efforts to get comments from management over the conditions at the market area proved  futile as management was not willing to comment.

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