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Electric car battery manufacturing needs investment – stakeholders

Stakeholders have urged the Zambian government to seek foreign investment in technology to enhance the quality of electric car batteries manufactured in the country.

Engineer Bornface Zulu, a manufacturer of electric cars batteries based in Ndola, emphasized that investing in cutting-edge technology and talent would lead to improved product quality and increased demand.

“By investing in cutting-edge technology and talent, this approach will allow us to enhance the qualities of our products, which will increase demand and attract more customers,” Mr. Zulu said.

In addition to technological advancements, Mr Zulu highlighted the need to improve the country’s infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector. 

“This would not only boost the production of electric batteries but also promote the use of renewable energy sources,” he said. 

Mr Zulu added that providing affordable and reliable energy would create a favorable environment for manufacturing and other business activities, attracting investors, generating employment opportunities, and ultimately improving the country’s economy.

To facilitate knowledge transfer, technology sharing, and market access, Mr Zulu recommended that Zambia collaborate with established firms experienced in manufacturing and marketing electric batteries.

However, Mr Zulu emphasized the importance of a well-crafted strategic plan that would ensure industry growth and create opportunities for other sectors of the economy.

Meanwhile, economist Mr Kelvin Chisanga acknowledged that Zambia currently lacks the capacity to manufacture car batteries without the assistance of foreign investors.

“The country needs capacity building, skills transfer, technology, manufacturing concepts, and proper expertise to venture into electric car battery manufacturing,” Mr. Chisanga said. 

He also emphasized the necessity of bilateral arrangements to foster Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in order to make this ambitious undertaking possible.

Mr Chisanga said the recent negotiations in the energy sector is an opportunity for Zambia to manufacture car batteries locally and transform its economic situation.

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