Zambia Police (PR) has called on members of the public to help security forces in the delivery of services to reduce crime.

In an interview with Lusaka Star, ZP Public Relations Manager Esther Mwata Katongo said it is difficult for the officers to work in environment where people are only complaining and not willing to give trace of offenders.

“It is not easy for the officers to work in a society full of people scared to report law breakers; for example, the issue of gangs likes 70 Niggers from Misisi Compound of Lusaka, people have been complaining but no one has been able to give a trace of the gang,” said Mrs. Katongo.

She said ZP’s role is to enforce the law and for people to insinuate that the institution knows about law breakers and is doing nothing about it is something unrealistic.

Mrs. Katongo has urged the general public to report issues to the Senior-most Officer if they feel the Officer In-charge is unresponsive.

“Let the public sit with the Commissioner of Officer and air their views as a community and I do not think the Commissioner would fail to handle any concern from the community,” Mrs. Katongo

She said people should remember that the institution is the instrument of the public and that the public has to help for them to deliver.