The University of Zambia (UNZA) Sports and Recreation Department has announced plans to build a sports complex to promote sports at the university.

UNZA Sports and Recreation Officer Mwape Nshimbi, said his office is working with various stakeholders to develop a master plan to actualize the goal.

In an interview with Lusaka Star, Mr. Nshimbi said UNZA is a reservoir for future sportsmen and women, thus infrastructure development is key to ensure growth of various sports around the institution.

We seek to do the best despite the advent of COVID-19 that has impacted the sports fraternity as a whole,


The sports officer however expressed concern over how strict and bureaucratic other wings of management are, which in turn have hindered some projects.

Meanwhile, University of Zambia Student Union (UNZASU) Sports Minister Chikomeni Nyirongo said the introduction of a complex will help reduce congestion during training.

Mr. Nyirongo also called upon UNZA management to be fair in terms of grade allocation in tests and exams for active sportsmen and women at the institution.

Through sports, we elevate the name of the institution and it is not fair to be graded the same like any other student as we spend most of the time training,


Students spoken to have welcomed the move to build a sports complex.

One student, Natasha Mwale, said such an investment is important as sports is a prospective means to an end for some people.