Curriculum Specialist of Zambia (CSZ) says the current Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Science curriculum at basic and secondary level are well tailored to enable pupil innovation.

CSZ Founder Robert Simfukwe said the curriculum is well designed but lacks the necessary equipment and resources for the innovations to be developed further.

Due to poor funding from the Ministry of General Education by government, many school do not participate in the national Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) council,


Mr. Simfukwe added that government should provide a center that will empower pupils with the necessary equipment to develop their project.

Meanwhile, Kabulonga Boys Secondary School Head Teacher Jolly Nalili, added that the current curriculum enables pupils to come up with high quality projects.

The current curiculum has provided an opportunity for a number of government schools to participate in the national JETS fair and come up with innovations in science ,


He added that there has been an improvement towards the use of ICTs in most schools which has enabled pupils to produce very high quality science projects such as the robot produced by a pupil last year.

The head teacher however called up on various stakeholders to come on board to empower pupils and ensure that the projects are sponsored and not go to waste.