Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Registration Board Chairperson Chanda Nonde has warned Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating against the guidelines and rules that they risk being de-registered very soon.

In a statement availed to the Lusaka Star, Mr. Nonde observed that some Civil Society Organization leaders were imposing decisions on the Zambian people about the proposed amendments to the Constitution of Zambia.

Mr. Nonde further observed that some NGO leaders in the country were currently behaving like political players especially on the infamous constitutional bill Act number 10 of 2019.

And the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Registration Board Chairperson urged the Civil Society Organizations to focus on only providing civic education so that citizens could make their own sound decisions for the benefit of the country.

He also bemoaned the poor and bad work culture among some CSOs who are active only when they were constitution amendments issues.

Mr. Nonde said Civil education in Zambia must be a continuous process for a well-informed citizenry on matters of national interest.



Tapela Lungu

Tapela Lungu is an award-winning writer and former Media and Communication studies student at the University of Zambia who has a strong passion to write, read and explore. He was the Managing Editor for the online magazine. As a writer, he has a strong interest in human interest stories, community news and stories that impact human development and health.