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The University of Zambia (UNZA) HIV/AIDS Response Team recently launched a campaign focused on enhancing the attainment of education of the girl child through donation of pads.

UNZA Response Chairperson Chisha Chola said the campaign which carried a title ‘Drop A Pad’ was prompted under the fact that vulnerable girl children in communities do not attend classes during their menstrual cycles.

He said for that reason his team took it upon themselves to make a difference and ensure that the girl child stays in class.

“The UNZA response will be in full force to ensure they have as many pads as possible with the permission of the UNZA Dean of Students Affairs to conduct a door to door outreach in the surrounding community to donate the sanitary pads. We are appealing to everyone who intends to be part of the team to freely join and help in the cause,” he said.

The chairperson added that from the time it was launched,the campaign has received an overwhelming response.

Mr. Chola encouraged the student’s union (UNZASU) management to be a part of the campaign so that strengths can be put together to help the greater good of enhancing the education of girl children and also contribute to the attainment of the sustainable development goals number 3 and 4 which is based on empowering the girl child through quality education, good health and well-being.

Meanwhile, UNZASU Minister of Gender and Ethics Rosa Banda has appealed to the students to drop a pad at the Response office or contribute any amount of money that can help to purchase sanitary pads.

She said providing a vulnerable girl child with a pack of sanitary pads which will go a long way in ensuring that they get a better education as it will enable them attend school consistently and participate more in extracurricular activities such as sports and generally improve their sense of self-worth.

Ms. Banda further added that menstrual health is public health and urged student’s active involvement in the campaign.

And the Dean of Students Affairs (DOSA) leadership has welcomed the move by UNZA Response in helping curb the harsh realities of what many young girls from poor backgrounds experience when menstrual time comes.

UNZA Response is a students’ organisation that is focused on training and educating sexual reproductive health and different life skills among the young people.

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