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Train other coaches as well – ZAFFA urges FAZ

The Zambia Football Fans Association (ZAFFA) has called on the Football Association Zambia (FAZ) to give further training to other coaches as well.

In an interview with Lusaka Star, ZAFFA General Secretary Chawezi Katwizi commended FAZ’s decision and further appreciated coach Mwape for his work.

“Bruce Mwape has done a lot for the country by shaping the Copper Queens into champions and helping them qualify for major tournaments,” he said.

However, Mr. Katwizi urged FAZ to consider sending more local coaches in order to improve football in Zambia.

“It will not only be a good opportunity for the coaches but also a good initiative for FAZ,” Mr. Katwizi said.

He also said that this kind of investment will change the way women’s football is looked at in Zambia.

The suggestion came after the decision made by FAZ Andrew Kamanga to send Copper Queens coach Bruce Mwape abroad for further coach training.

Meanwhile, Daniel Kaoma a sports analyst, argued that the decision may have been made at the wrong time due to the ongoing controversy surrounding Mr. Mwape.

“In as much as it is intended to increase his CV, sending Bruce Mwape for further training when his name and reputation are being dragged in the mud is bad timing of the highest order,” he said.

Mr. Kaoma suggested that it would have been better if FAZ had given the chance of further coach training to the other uprising coaches rather than Mr. Mwape.

“Under the circumstances, the FAZ president should have sent the upcoming coaches who are not in short supply to attend the course,” Mr. Kaoma said.

However, Mr. Kaoma appreciated the work and achievements that Mr. Mwape made, which include the Copper Queens’ qualification to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup among his major attainments.

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