By Chiteta Chinyemba and Matildah Chali

The saying that ‘disability is not inability’ just received credence after Aurtea Mambwe Chimya, a.k.a Mambwe One, decided to take on a challenging career in music production, despite being physically challenged.

Inspired by legendary musician Danny ‘Kaya’, Mambwe One, who cant walk and speak properly after suffering from an jaundice infection, refuses to bow to his physical disability.

In an interview with Lusaka Star Entertainment, the visionary upcoming musician said he wants to explore his music production strength, notwithstanding his disability.

Growing up, Mambwe One saw many people discourage him doing music, judging that he was unable to executive projects capable of gathering up crowds.

Mambwe One, who is currently working round-the-clock with upcoming artists, said:

“I started taking music seriously in 2010, despite people laughing at me and telling me to quit music. I have taken time to do what I love and I look forward to producing songs that will be able to compete favorably on the market.”

Mambwe One (sitting) with Super Chilu in the studiosongs for already established musicians.”

Some of the songs to his name are “Efyowaba”, which featured Karasa Karaio, “Balupwa”, which was produced in 2017 and featured Brian ‘Kombweke’, among others.

Mambwe One added that he has four videos for songs he is currently promoting and producing for other artists.

“When I tell people that I sing, they get shocked, since thy tend to put the state of my physique first. But contrary to their misjudgment, I have a strong passion for music–and I am able to deliver!” he clarified.

Mambwe One has since encouraged other persons with disabilities to overlook what people say and pursue their dreams.

Meanwhile, one of Zambia’s prominent artists’, Brian ‘Kombweke’, in sharing his experience with Mambwe One, said he had no challenges working with him.

“It was quite an experience working with him, literally the same as working with any other artist,” he said.

The singer of the hit song ‘Kombweke’ advised other people with physical challenges to come out of their hidings and prove haters wrong.

And singer Chilufya Makasa, a.k.a Super Chilu, an upcoming artist who has worked closely with Mambwe One, described him as a good and influential producer.

“It’s great working with him, and he is very understanding, unlike other producers. And when it come to producing music, I don’t see any disability in him,” said Chilu.

The infection Mambwe One suffered affected his eyes, limbs, hands and his vocal cord.

But despite his disability, Mambwe One is optimistic about the future. He views his disability not as a hindrance but a motivation to do even greater.

He has since called on Zambian music lovers to support his work and encourage him to do even greater.

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