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Ancient healers: African culture’s enduring legacy

In the heart of Africa, where history and tradition intertwine, the practice of African culture remains a concentrated link to ancestral ties.

Throughout the ages, Africans have revered ancestral powers, sangomas, and the spirits of their forefathers.

In certain communities, sangomas play a pivotal role, bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical realms. Here, rituals involving herbs and enchanted roots are integral parts of daily life.

Piyo Zulu, originally from Chipata district but currently residing in Lusaka, recounts his childhood experiences with traditional healing practices.
Mr Zulu says as a young boy, he witnessed his father’s extraordinary abilities to heal other people.

“My father possessed a massive sack filled with diverse herbs and he discerned which tree held the healing power for a specific ailment,” Mr Zulu narrates.

He says he watched his father talk to ancestral spirits.
“My dad would speak to our ancestors on countless times, and after that he would gain enough knowledge to help a number of people,” Mr Zulu says.

Meanwhile, Ruth Phiri, a 42-year-old of Chadiza district , shares that to her, traditional healers are not just doctors but also revered as gods within the African community.
“Herbs work faster compared to prayer. Despite paying offering and tithe one does not get an instant response from a prayer,” Ms. Phiri explains.
Ms. Phiri says traditional healers contribute significantly to society’s wellbeing.

She adds that their ancient wisdom and knowledge, passed down through generations, have been a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking remedies and guidance.

Traditional cultural beliefs have been practiced from one generation to another, as passed on from ancestors.Despite the evolving world around them, the enduring spirit of African culture remains a testament to the profound wisdom of the past. Through traditional healers, the ancestral legacy lives on, shaping the perspectives and beliefs of communities who find solace and strength in their ancient practices.

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