The Zambian Athletics Association (ZAA) has expressed pride at the performance of different athletes participating at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Association President Elias Mpondela said the association is impressed with the Zambian female athlete Rhoda Njobvu who ran 11 seconds and 40 milliseconds (11.40) in the 100 meters race and finished fourth in her heat.

Mpondela said that Rhoda’s performance was incredible despite not being among the top three who progressed to the semi-finals.

Despite the challenges of adjusting to weather conditions and not having enough time to camp due to COVID-19 restrictions on travelling, I believe they will lift the Zambian profile even more,

Mpondela said.

Mpondela added that the athletes have always raised the Zambian flag and are yet to do more at the Tokyo Olympic Games as evident from the results in the 100 meters female heat.

He further wished Rhoda Njobvu and Sydney Siame good luck as they are set to run the 200 meters race on August 3rd 2021.

Meanwhile, sports analyst Ian Lubinda has congratulated Rhoda Njobvu despite not making it to the semi-finals of the 100 meters race.

Njobvu did well in the 100m race and hopefully she remains focused going into 200m race in order to qualify,

Lubinda said.

Zambian swimmers Shaquille Moosa and Tika Paljk were also in action at the Olympic games.

Moosa completed the men’s 50m freestyle start list heat-5 with a time record of 25 seconds and 54 milliseconds (25.54) while Paljk completed the women’s 50m freestyle start list heat-5 at position 6 with a record of 27 seconds 34milliseconds (27.34).