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UNZA Management warns against driving on Goma fields

Driving on fields to attract K200,000 penalty fee THE University of Zambia (UNZA) Sports and Recreation Officer Mwape Nshimbi has issued a strong warning against any one found driving on the Goma Fields.

He said students should not drive on the pitch if the university sports facilities are to be preserved, adding that anyone found doing so will be fined K200,000 penalty fee.

Nshimbi disclosed this during an interview with the Lusaka Star after a fourth year UNZA student, Vimale Kumwenda, was found taking driving lessons on the campus pitch.

Ms.Vimale Kumwenda, together with her instructor, was apprehended last Thursday and fined K 200,000.

Meanwhile, Nshimbi said that the pitch was already in a deplorable state and people should be responsible enough not to damage it further by driving on it.

“The soil erosion caused by driving will worsen the state of the running tracks on the pitch especially since it’s already in poor condition,” he said.

Nshimbi noted that driving on the Goma fields had become a common trend and disclosed that two similar incidents had been reported in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, UNZA Student’s Union (UNZASU) Sports Secretary Rodrick Nshimbi echoed the warning to anyone else found driving on the Goma fields.

He said that the UNZA Sports Regulation Committee will see to it that the money raised from penalty fees is channelled towards the renovation of several sports facilities on campus.

He explained that his committee was considering putting up sign posts near the field in order to deter potential offenders.


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