The Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) has clarified that only exemplery inmates may be considered for the material leave.

ZCS Commissioner General Chisele Chileshe said the announcement was taken out of context, as the material leave provision has already been in existence.

These laws have been in existence even before the Patriotic Front government came into power. This was taken out of context especially during this period of elections,

Dr. Chileshe said.

Dr. Chileshe added that the inmates go through treatment programs as soon as they are taken into custody and depending on their progress, they are allowed to take the material leave.

We go through case records as the service, and we start the programing for each individual inmate. We give inmates treatment programs dependent on what they are in for, and their case. There are provisions in the constitution that allow them to go through this. We recommend individuals that we are certain are able to make a difference to society,

he added.

Dr. Chileshe further explained that the provision in it’s current form allows for inmates to leave the correctional facility to attend to family matters, such as funerals or a sick family member.

The provision for inmates to leave the correctional facility is enshrined in section 114 of the Zambia Correctional Service Act of 2021.

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