Football Analyst Puncherello Chama has described the sending of coaches on administrative leave as a devaluation of their standards and managing abilities.

Speaking in an interview with Lusaka Star, Chama said ZANACO Football Club for example, sent Coach Chris Kaunda on leave, lowering his standards as the club was struggling before he was brought in as Head Coach.

He added that dispatching coaches for leave is not a good strategy as it has a negative impact on the team because the coaches mostly do not return to their respective clubs.

Coaches play a big role in the performance a team displays and should deliver their duties to the club as expected of them,


The Analyst further advised football coaches to work hand-in-hand with the club management of their teams in order to yield good results.

Meanwhile, Sports Analyst Ian Lubinda said coaches in the MTN Super League are panicking to produce good results in fear of being sent on leave once they fail to match the expectations of both fans and club executive committees.

Lubinda said going forward there is need for coaches to be helped when drastic changes of administrative leave are made, and advised club stakeholders to help coaches get on the winning lane than resorting to leave.

However, even though coaches are put on administrative leave they still get paid their benefits according to the contract’s serving duration and if instantly fired, they are expected to receive their salary package in full,

he said.

And ZANACO Football Club fan Jonathan Kamanga said the administrative leave of Chris Kaunda came as a shock looking at the tremendous results he brought to the team.

Chris Kaunda deserved a second chance before sending him on leave,


He further said he is expecting more from the appointed interim coach Robin Munsanka and hopes he delivers satisfying results until the end of the season.

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