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The Ministry of General Education says it is looking to have a curriculum change in order to fit the development needs of the economy. 

Speaking in an interview with Lusaka Star Magazine, General Education Permanent Secretary Dr. Jobbicks Kalumba said it is unbefitting for pupils to take on subjects that do not add to the growth of their personal aspirations nor to the growth of the economy.

The [current] curriculum that is being offered from secondary school to university is something students don’t apply when they go into the world,

he said.

Dr. Kalumba said it is unnecessary for pupils to be denied entrance into universities on the premise of them not doing well in courses they have no interest in.

He added that the reason behind many youths failing at life is because the curriculum does not teach them how to answer the question of life.

So the curriculum must begin to be relevant. What do I mean? If someone is good at mathematics or science let them continue and build on that up until university. If they are good at music and arts don’t give them history, you’re wasting their time. Don’t give them Geography it’s not part of their strength,

Dr. Kalumba.

And Higher Education Permanent Secretary Ms. Kayula Siame said the Ministry is conversant of the need to ensure that graduates produced by universities and colleges have relevant skills for the industry.

Ms. Siame said the Ministry has had much closer interaction with the industries to ensure that they have input to drive skills development of graduates.

Just last year we actually launched some of the national occupational standards for example we did in manufacturing in December and the purpose of this national occupation standards is to ensure that the industry identifies those key skills that are required,

she said.

The Ministries of General Education and Higher Education say they are looking forward to a curriculum change this year.

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