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Zambia committed to hosting ITA conference – Mukanga

Government has committed £14,000 towards the hosting this year’s 13th Intermodal Transport Africa (ITA) to be held in Lusaka from 28th to 30th October 2015. MINISTER of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications says government is committed to hosting this year’s 13th Intermodal Transport Africa (ITA) to be held in Lusaka from 28th to 30th October 2015.

Hon. Yamfwa Mukanga said Zambia will be the first landlocked country to host the ITA conference adding that government has since committed £14,000 towards the hosting of the event.

Speaking at a meeting to discuss preparations for the forthcoming 13th ITA which is being organised by the ministry of Transport, works, supply and communication, the Minister pointed out that it is a challenge for a landlocked country like Zambia to engage in business because of high transport costs.

He however said Zambia’s central location can be an opportunity for the country to raise revenue because other countries need to pass through Zambia in order to get their goods across.

Mr. Mukanga reiterated that it is because of this that government embarked on projects to link Zambia to its neighbouring countries through the link Zambia 8000.

“Our location is so important such that when we have a well-developed road network, we become a logistic hub and this will complement the regional development plan as a strategic link of a corridor network for SADC and commercial countries,” he said.

And Over 500 participants from SADC, COMESA, African Union and Members of the United Nations organisations are expected to attend the conference.

Mr. Mukanga has appealed for support from all stakeholders and local exhibitors to ensure the success of the conference.

He explained that the conference also aims at promoting the supply chain infrastructure, equipment and material including human resources capital which he said is important to the country.

Meanwhile, Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) general manager Alex Mayeye said Zambia is in dire need of increasing the volume and value of its exports if the economy is to grow at a pace required to eradicate poverty and provide a decent livelihood for its people.

“We hope to do this by facilitating greater interaction between Zambian business houses with international players both in Africa and the rest of the world,” he added.

Mr. Mayeye added that the increase in the number of specialised shows and expos in the country and the rest of the world is providing increased competitive pressure that is diluting the market share of ZITF and other formal shows.

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