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Tourism Promoter urges Govt to improve air transport

Zambia’s Tourism Promoter executive director Joslyn Mutinta has advised the Government to open more air routes to European countries. Zambia’s Tourism Promoter Executive Director Joslyn Mutinta has advised Government to open more air routes to European countries.
Ms Mutinta explained that  many  European tourists that visit Zambia complain about limited air transport in the country.
She said poor transport conditions discourage tourists from visiting the country.
Ms Mutinta explained that Europeans shunning away from visiting the country is detrimental to the country as tourists contribute to the country’s foreign exchange (forex).
“We are working hard to ensure that Zambia is properly advertised on the international market in order to realise a huge turn-over of forex. But the lack of air transport is killing our efforts,” she lamented.
Ms Mutinta also urged the local people to take part in the promotion of tourism in the country.
“We should not leave the promotion activity to my department or the Ministry of Tourism alone. This should be done by every Zambian, especially those who travel abroad,”
“People must talk about the natural resources of the country such as the Victoria Falls, traditional ceremonies and national parks so that more tourists are encouraged to visit Zambia,” she stated.
Meanwhile,  French Tourist Nedege Géroux expressed hapiness upon visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Victoria Falls.
Ms Géroux said Zambia was a very beautiful country which more people from the outside world needed to visit and explore.
“My friends back in France know little about Zambia and all its beautiful scenery like the Chisamba Falls,” she said.
Ms Géroux since advised the Zambian government to invest in air transport to ease transportation of tourists.
She said opening more air routes could enable more people to visit the country such as Europeans, Asians and Americans.

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