Government has dismissed claims circulating on social media that the Patriotic Front (PF) is secretly issuing National Registration Cards (NRCs).

Ministry of Home Affairs Public Relations Officer Nephas Chifuta said that the only institution mandated to issue NRCs is the Department of National Registration, passport and citizenship and no one else.

Chifuta was reacting to a video circulating on social media in which the PF Secretary General Davies Mwila was encouraging PF members to gather as many NRC’s as possible in Northern Province.

PF SG Davis Mwila addressing PF members in Northern Province.

Chifuta said the alleged claims that the Patriotic Front has started a secret NRC’s programme are false.

He also said that he is under the impression that Mr. Mwila was not suggesting that the Patriotic Front would be issuing the NRCs, and that he was merely encouraging more people to get NRCs before the 2021 elections.

Chifuta has further disclosed that cases of children and foreigners obtaining NRCs are very minimal and are often quickly dealt with.