The National Arts Council of Zambia (NAC) has said that more needs to be done so as to push and promote vocational programs in the country’s learning institutions.

NAC Chairperson Patrick Samwimbila said both public and private schools should consider a whole round educational system that promotes art-oriented talent based programs.

Mr Samwimbila said now is the opportune time for public institutions such as the University of Zambia (UNZA) to introduce programs to train young people who have the potential to help Zambia’s creative industry to develop.

He further urged both public and private sectors to venture more into programs centered on visual arts, fine arts, music and designing.

Most of the programmes that training institutions have are teacher’s training programs, but even professional musicians or sketch artists for example, should be able to find programmes that can expand their fields of work.

Said Mr Samwimbila.

He stated that NAC is looking forward to working with the Ministry of General Education towards growing and expanding the field of art at primary and secondary school level through the introduction of arts clubs that can introduce students to film.

He also added that empowering the creative arts industry in the country will positively contribute to economic growth.

The NAC Chairperson further noted that economic empowerment for artists who are already in the Zambian creative industry will not only empower but also support their field of work.

Going forward as the National Arts Council we are working towards creating a clear space were artists can easily access finances such as loans or mortgages to aid in running their various projects.

He noted.

Mr Samwimbila added that the council is also working towards ensuring the social protection of local artists in the creative industry to certify that they can easily access insurance schemes as well as a budgetary planning for their retirement packages.

We have a memorandum of understanding with NAPSA because we believe artists should also be able to have a retirement package because art is equally a career.

He added.

Mr Samwimbila further acknowledged that art and the creative culture can bring a lot of economic resources into the country as well as attract international investors and tourists.

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