A Lusaka-based political analyst has criticized Infrastructure and Housing Minister Vincent Mwale for supporting Bill 10 based on his political allegiance.

Dr. Alex Ngoma, a University of Zambia political science lecturer, has said a cabinet minister in Mr Mwale’s position needs to stand for a bill only when it is morally upright, justifiable and would benefit the liberal Zambians and not because of his political affiliation.

“Even if one is part of a system, that does not justify supporting something that is wrong,” said Ngoma.

Dr. Ngoma further stressed that the discourse around Bill 10 should be balanced because every bill goes through a delimitation exercise and has both positive and negative sides.

He also states that the Law Association Of Zambia (LAZ) exercised its democratic right in issuing out a petition, but as it stands, they should not over-step the Constitutional Court ruling.

“There are people who are always eager to criticize anything and everything the government does. So the Zambian people should be cautious not to think everything in this Bill is negative,” he said.

And Executive Director of Alliance for Community Action (ACA) Laura Miti in her reply to honorable Vincent Mwales tweet said such views show that this is an era lacking independent patriotic thought.

Commenting on the same tweet, former Law Association of Zambia President Linda Kasonde said that people who just follow orders end up doing very questionable things.

Since its proposed introduction, Bill 10 has been in opposition with organizations such as LAZ, Chapter One Foundation Limited and others asserting that the bill violates national values and principles in the Constitution, thus the courts should order Justice Minister Given Lubinda to withdraw the Bill from the National Assembly.

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