The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) has threatened to prosecute teachers who do not have practising licenses but are working.

This follows the lapse of the August 31, 2020 deadline, set by the council, for all teachers to acquire Licenses.

TCZ spokesperson, Ngoza Malonga said following the expiry of the deadline, no teacher is expected to hold out as a practising teacher without acquiring a license.

No employer is further expected to employ a teacher without a license or both risk being prosecuted, pursuant to the Teaching Profession Act Number 5 of 2013.

Ms. Malonga.

She added that TCZ has over the last months continued to express its disappointment with teachers that still have not registered as stipulated by the Teaching Profession Act Number 5 of 2013.

As of March 2020, TCZ revealed that three provinces namely Copperbelt, Lusaka and Southern make up of 51% of all the registered teachers in Zambia, with 20%, 19% and 12% respectively.

The council since called on all teachers across the country and everyone wishing to join the profession to take the registrations and licensing seriously.

TCZ is a statutory body that is mandated to regulate the practice of teaching as well as accredit the teaching colleges in the country.