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Keep UNZA clean Campaign intensifies

If all members of staff work together they can keep the institution clean. In line with the University of Zambia (UNZA) core values of promoting green environment the management has embarked on a keep UNZA clean Friday morning programme.
The Keep UNZA Clean Campaign committee (KUCC) has resolved that, every Friday staff from each unit should clean their surrounding from 08:00 hours to 09:00 hours.
UNZA vice chancellor professor Stephen Simukanga urged staff from each staff unit to mobilise themselves in carrying out a noble task.
He said if all staff work together they can keep the institution clean.
Environmental education fourth year student Nchimunya Moonga told the Lusaka star in an interview that it is unfortunate that management has resulted to directing members of staff to clean up the students mess.
He said the move by management is more of a protest against littering and the “I don’t care” attitude exhibited by most students.
Mr Moonga stated that UNZA has failed to maintain a clean and serene general surrounding that a University should have.
But UNZA like many other institutions has the potential to retain its scenic value, he said.
He further stated that management alone cannot keep the Institution clean; it will require combined effort from both management and the students.
He said the recent project by the Environmental Education Department, the Eco-police is aimed at sensitizing the student populace on the effects of littering and improving the environment around UNZA.
Mr Moonga added that next month there will be a launch of a new club in conjunction with the National heritage council which will incorporate all students from all the schools.
He said the aim of the new club will be to raise awareness among students, as currently students are not doing anything to improve thesituation.
A Lecturer from the School of Humanities, Department of Mass Communication Mr Gerald Mwale said the move by management should be backed up by action.
He said there few bins placed around the school especially in the school of humanities, in order to keep the institution clean certain measures have to be put in place.
Mr Mwale said UNZA is an institution for both management and the students, if it is dirty it’s a disservice to everyone.

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