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Digital marketing and advertising has become one of the most important and efficient forms of advertising for both small and large businesses in the country.

A digital transformation has swept across the world, and Zambia too, with thrifting, also known as ‘Salaula,’ venturing into the online business space.

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, borders were closed, businesses shut and we all entered into ‘the new normal’ way of living as many Salaula business men and women resorted to selling their thrifted clothes online.

Most Salaula small scale traders set their businesses online by making use of social media to sell their wares.

In an interview with the Lusaka Star, recently graduated Development Studies student at the University of Zambia and founder of Twice Nice by Tiya, Tiyankenji Iredy Phiri, said the business is a source of income for her, despite not being in formal employment.

The selling of second hand clothes online has been a good source of income even after graduating from the University of Zambia in 2020,

Ms. Phiri.

Ms. Phiri added that she was inspired to start her Salaula business because she needed a source of income and could not seat back and struggle with unemployment for months.

I have a lot of Instagram followers and my passion for advertising inspired me to start posting my stuff on Instagram and these other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter,

she explained.

This has proven to be quite effective on my end as it helps me to take care of my day to day needs as the business is running so well online.

Meanwhile, Natasha Pambwe, a 5th-year pharmacy student at the University of Zambia Ridgeway campus and owner of Tash’s Phenomenal Trends, a clothing brand based in Lusaka, said she was inspired to start her business because of her profession.

She felted that she needed to help her friends get first-class thrifted clothes because of their busy schedules.

Speaking about her experience, Ms. Pambwe said that she orders her stock from town because bales are too expensive for her.

She further said that she opted to go online as well because the long school closure ruined her business as most of her customers at the time were her friends.

When the pandemic started, I opted to start using social media for my business,

Ms. Pambwe.

The online platforms have made it easy for me to do my business and also help grow it with client’s outside Lusaka.

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