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Digital Migration to expand ZNBC coverage

ZAMBIA National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) will increase its transmitter network from 64 to 86 analogue transmitters when it goes digital. ZAMBIA National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) will increase its national coverage once it completes the digital migration process.
The boosted coverage will be a result of an increase in the corporations's transmitter network from 64 to 86 analogue.
Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Poniso Njeulu said ZNBC currently runs 64 analogue transmitters which only cover 80 percent of the Zambian population and do not cover all the remote areas.

“When the digital migration project is implemented, it will not only improve the quality of the ZNBC signal but also increase the number of channels and cover most of the rural parts of the country,” he added.

Mr. Njeulu said this in response to Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament Eddie Musonda during the questions for oral answers in Parliament.

Mr. Musonda wanted to know when remote areas in the country without ZNBC television signal would start receiving it.

He  also wanted to know when ZNBC would start broadcasting  24 hours.

And in response, Mr Njeulu said ZNBC had been running 24 hours since 2010.

He explained that broadcasting starts at 10: 00 hours to 24:00 hours after which programming switches to TV2.

The Zambian government is implementing the digital mingration exercise as per international requirement by 2015 and has constituted the Digital Migration Task Force to spearhead the process.

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